Cannabis Terpene Supply Chain Options: What Scales?

Terpene Belt Farms
Terpene Belt Farms

Demand for true-to-the-plant cannabis products is here to stay and this means using real cannabis terpenes as inputs. Now the question becomes: How do you set up to scale your cannabis terpene supply chain, both within your state and nationally?
Take a look at how different terpene supply chain options (dry trim extraction, fresh frozen, and Fresh Never Frozen®) can impact parts of your business.

Product Quality

  • Dry trim extraction: The product is of lower quality due to terpene loss and degradation during the drying and curing process.
  • Fresh frozen: The product is higher-quality than dry trim. It’s also batch specific and can only be used in the state in which it was produced.
  • Fresh Never Frozen® Cannabis Essential Oil: Extracted within 90 minutes of harvest, the product delivers a complete, high-quality cannabis profile that is produced consistently at scale.

Cost of Goods Sold

  • Dry trim extraction: Cannabis terpenes are costly to produce in-house and also costly to procure wholesale.
  • Fresh frozen: Being massively labor intensive, production and material handling costs are too high to scale.
  • Fresh Never Frozen® Cannabis Essential Oil: Terpenes are half the cost of in-state cannabis terpenes and are built to support global brands.

Regulatory Restrictions

  • Dry trim extraction: Your ability to scale is locked inside of each state market.
  • Fresh frozen: Your ability to scale is locked inside of each state market.
  • Fresh Never Frozen® Cannabis Essential Oil: You’re able to scale freely across state lines and across the globe.

Considering their impact on overall product quality, production costs and shipping restrictions, you could probably guess that neither dry trim or fresh frozen are the future for scaling brands.
Interested in trying Fresh Never Frozen® for yourself? You can request samples here.

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