Vape 3.0: The Tiered Product Architecture Model

Terpene Belt Farms
Terpene Belt Farms

Did you know that “live” cannabis vape sales went up 100% from 2020 to 2021 across the country? Consumer buying behaviors are clear: vapes made completely with natural cannabis compounds (cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes) are the winners, and vapes that only have one real cannabis compound (THC) are no longer the consumer’s vape of choice.

Staying competitive in today’s vape market means having a complete cannabis vape line for every customer segment.

Let’s look at ways to evolve your vape products based on the inputs you’re using today.

Distillate with botanical terpenes

Opportunity 1: Replace botanical terpenes with Fresh Never Frozen® to create a cost-effective complete cannabis vape line.

Opportunity 2: Mix botanical terpenes with Fresh Never Frozen® to create a hybrid cannabis-derived vape line.

Opportunity 3: Keep botanical product line and launch a separate complete cannabis line using distillate with Fresh Never Frozen®.

Distillate with cannabis terpenes 

Opportunity: Replace current cannabis terpenes with Fresh Never Frozen® to improve vape quality, add product diversity and create budget consistency.

Liquid diamonds

Opportunity: Launch a brand new line using liquid diamonds with TBF to add a cost-effective, scalable offering that evolves your existing vape architecture.

Live resin/HTE

Opportunity: Add a 2-5% cut of Fresh Never Frozen® in order to improve product flavor and create a new product category (typically useful for people decarbing the HTE due to burning of terpenes during extraction). Standardize live resin products across state lines.

Solventless live rosin

Opportunity 1: Add a 4-8% cut of Fresh Never Frozen® to improve product flavor and create a new product category.

Opportunity 2: Launch a new solventless rosin + Fresh Never Frozen® product: a repeatable high-end addition to your vape architecture.

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