How to Evaluate Cannabis Essential Oil

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Terpene Belt Farms

How do you taste and evaluate cannabis essential oil?

Check out these tips from our team of essential oil experts:

Step 1The Wafting Technique

1. Rotate the bottle 360° so that the lid flips to the bottom and then back to the top.

2. Open and hold the bottle 6” inches from your nose. You want enough space so that you don’t breathe the fumes in directly, which would compromise your ability to differentiate fragrances.

3. Cup your hand and gently waft the air in between the bottle and your nose towards your face. Try not to breathe in the air through your nose, but bring in just enough to make sense of the smell — similar to what you would do when debating drinking something beyond its expiration date.

Step 2The Scent Strip Technique

1. Dip a scent strip into the oil to soak ½” inch.

2. Wave the strip into the air to dry for a few seconds.

3. With the soaked side up, repeatedly wave the strip under your nose until you know the oil. Don’t place your nose too close to the strip (for the same reason mentioned above).

Step 3Record Your Experience 

1. Rank your impression of the oil based on overall sensory notes and the desired flavors for your vape product. To make this part easy, use this evaluation form!

2. Repeat with all the oils to decide which oils you will use in vape R&D.

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