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Terpene Belt Farms
Terpene Belt Farms

Browsing our product menu and unsure of what the names mean? 

In this post, we break down the three components of our product names: Vintage, Flavor Profile, and Variety. We also explain why we don’t use strain names or indica/sativa classifications. 

All Fresh Never Frozen® oils are cannabinoid-free and 100% plant material — never frozen, dried or cured.

1. Vintage

If a name has a year in front of it, it’s a Vintage: one variety, one farm, one harvest. Everything else is a Blend: multi-vintage, multi-variety, or sourced from multiple farms.

2. Flavor Profile

fresh never frozen essential oil flavor profiles

Each product name contains a flavor profile: Fruit, Citrus, Dessert, Gas, Pine, Purple, Savory, Sour, Sweet, or Exotic. Flavor profiles are based on each oil’s tasting notes (which you can find when you click into the product). 

Assigning flavor profiles is very similar to wine making. We appoint a well-versed and experienced set of palates to guide the profile selection process. The nose and the tongue are unmatched in their ability to combine detection and association, something that analytical equipment is unable to compute. Science guides our understanding, but there is no replacement for a refined palate.  

3. Variety

Our oils are produced from exclusively licensed genetics, a portfolio bred expressly for terpene diverse chemovars.

All products are made to support consistent availability season over season, such that nationally standardized formulation becomes possible.  When we select a variety or create a blend, it’s assigned a number (#7) and that oil takes its position in our perpetual menu.

What you won’t see on our menu 

❌ Strain names: These are scientifically irrelevant in describing smell and taste, and they’re also not scalable across state lines.

❌ Indica/Sativa classifications: We no longer live in a world where ‘landrace’ (the original cannabis from long ago) genetic traits dictate our understanding of how today’s hybridized, domesticated cannabis varieties affect us.

Historically, cannabis consumers have associated sedating effects with indicas and stimulating effects with sativas. The little known truth is that these classic categorizations are rooted in a cultural interpretation of botany. They’re based on the plant’s height and leaf shape (the result of the latitude of the region where the earliest plants developed). They’re not actually based on the overarching effect when consumed.

We all might react differently to a variety based on its terpene composition. You’re probably already using your historical experiences and emotional connections to flavor profiles to determine what you do and don’t like, or what will make you go up and go down.

Questions about our menu? Contact us at any time.

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