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2020 Pine #1


2020 Pine #1 is a hemp-derived terpene oil rich in Terpinolene, Limonene, and Ocimene. The flavor, aroma, and effect are reminiscent of Jack, Black Jack, and J1 strains strains. This oil is available for retail purchase in 5mL, 25mL, 100mL, and 250mL sizes with wholesale bulk pricing available for sizes starting at 1L.


Step into the vibrant landscapes California, with our 2020 Pine #1, our original masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the region’s majestic redwood forests. This exquisite oil, known among connoisseurs as “Jack,” is a single varietal marvel that embodies the 2020 vintage.

2020 Pine #1 unfolds with a symphony of Mandarin Zest, intertwining the robustness of pine with the tangy sweetness of blackberry and the rich, creamy undertones of butter and oak. Each drop is a journey through California’s natural splendor, offering a sensory experience that is as diverse as the region itself.

This oil is not just any product but the story of Terpene Belt Farms genesis. This was our first commercially available variety picked perfectly at the peak of its aromatic potential. Jackpot!

  • Terpinolene (23.80%): Terpinolene is known for its complex aroma with hints of pine, floral, herbaceous, and occasionally citrus notes. It is associated with sedative effects in aromatherapy.
  • Limonene (14.55%): This terpene has a bright citrus scent and is often associated with stress relief and mood elevation, offering energizing and uplifting effects.
  • β-Caryophyllene (11.94%): β-Caryophyllene has a spicy, peppery aroma and is unique for its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system, contributing to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.
  • β-Ocimene (7.69%): With a sweet, herbaceous aroma, β-Ocimene is suggested to have potential decongestant effects, along with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.
  • α-Humulene (4.19%): α-Humulene is characterized by a woody, earthy fragrance and is reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties, possibly aiding in pain relief.

Is 2020 Pine #1 derived from cannabis or hemp?

2020 Pine #1 is derived from hemp.

What does 2020 Pine #1 taste like?

2020 Pine #1 tastes like a blend of Mandarin Zest, pine, blackberry, with rich, creamy undertones of butter and oak.

What does 2020 Pine #1 smell like?

2020 Pine #1 smells like a complex aroma with hints of pine, floral, herbaceous, citrus, spicy pepper, sweet, herbaceous, woody, and earthy notes.

Which strain terpenes does 2020 Pine #1 contain?

2020 Pine #1 contains the following strain terpenes:

  • Terpinolene (23.80%): Pine, floral, herbaceous, citrus notes
  • Limonene (14.55%): Bright citrus scent
  • β-Caryophyllene (11.94%): Spicy, peppery aroma
  • β-Ocimene (7.69%): Sweet, herbaceous aroma
  • α-Humulene (4.19%): Woody, earthy fragrance


oil type

Single Varietal


Essential Oil



flavor profile



Byron, Ca


Sea Level, San Joaquin Valley Floor

soil type

Rincon Clay Loam

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Tasting Notes

Mandarin Zest
Tangy Blackberry
Cherry Tart
Candied Ginger
Honeydew Melon



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